Post 6: How has Lisbeth and Blomkvist’s relationship evolved since he first discovered that she hacked his computer?

9 05 2011

Lisbeth and Blomkvist meet because of his research on Harriet Vanger’s murder. She is hacking his computer and finds his private documents on some of the research he is doing. Lisbeth, being a much more apt researcher, quickly solves the mystery of the names and corresponding numbers (she figures out that the numbers are bible passages) and sends them to Blomkvist. Salander sent the information on an easily traced email address. It was almost as if she wanted to team up and work with Blomkvist.
Their relationship starts out like any relationship that I have so far observed Lisbeth having with anyone: quiet, cold, uncomfortable. Blomkvist is clearly trying to figure Salander out, he knows nothing about her but they are working in such close proximately. At this point she is now living with him on Hedeby. Salander, on the other hand, knows everything about Blomkvist. She had done her research, his background check, she knows his dark secrets.
They soon begin having sexual relations. Lisbeth is very blunt about it and has no emotions regarding it while it seems like Blomkvist is almost falling in love. Salander clearly likes Blomkvist or she wouldn’t be living with him but even for me, the reader, it is difficult to figure out what Salander is thinking,




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