Post 5: What is the significance of Harriet’s bible passages that she marked in her diary?

9 05 2011

When doing his research on Harriet, Blomkvist finds five interesting numbers and corresponding names in the dairy. The numbers turn out to be sections of the bible, all regarding reasons and methods why a woman should die. After some research done by Salander and Blomkvist, the discover that the names are in fact names of woman who have been murdered. Blomkvist and Salander go to the murder sites, talk to family or friends and soon discovered that these woman were murdered the exact same way as depicted in the bible. Harriet was on to something.
It is still somewhat of a mystery to why Harriet had or merely cared about such gruesome murders until Blomkvist and Salander connect the dots. When going over the history of his family lineage, Henrik spoke of his three brothers. All three of which were Nazis. Only one was still alive during the time that Harriet died: Harald, the exclusive, bitter man who is seemingly not on speaking terms with anybody, especially Henrik, in his family. Then Salander and Blomkvist look at the names of all five woman: all of them were Jewish names. The murders were racist murders, Harriet was smart enough to figure this out, and Herald didn’t like it.




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