Post 4: Why is Lisbeth unable to report rape by her legal guardian, Nils Burman? What is she worried will most likely happen?

9 05 2011

Burman is a disgusting pig. He is appointed as Salander’s new guardian because he old one, whom she got along with very well, had a stroke. Although Salander is 24, the legal guardian is finacially and legally in responsible for her. Salander’s old guardian let her do as she wanted: he didn’t monitor or control or banking, he didn’t in fact try to control aspect of her life. He was simply there to what appeared to be moral support. Salander liked this.
Burman starts off their first conversation saying that he will give her 1,400 kronor monthly and that she will have to explain and ask if she needs more than that. My first impression was that he was just simply rude and mean and just wanted to “play by the legal rules.”
Then he begins asking her inappropriate questions like, “how many men have you slept with?” or “what your favorite position.” Salander gets up and leaves. I had hoped she had gone to the police. The second time she meets Burman is when she needs money for a new computer. In this disturbing scene she is forced to perform a sexual act on Burman who says that it is necessary for him to “trust” her. Salander doesn’t go to the police because she already knows what would happen to her: no one would believe her. In the eyes of the government she is psychologically insane. Burman would report that she needs more help than simply a legal guardian and she would be quickly sent to a hospital where she would most likely live.




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