Third Post on The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo: Is Blomkvist decision to embark on the year job of finding Harriet’s murderer a good idea?

3 05 2011

My thought kind of parallels that of Blomkvist’s. Vanger’s vague and ominous request to see Blomkvist was somewhat creepy. He had almost scripted the story. He built it up so that with every word Blomkvist became more and more hooked. As a reader, the same thing happened to me. Blomkvist pointed out a very logical point that I hadn’t thought about: Vanger was basically asking him to uncover a 40 year old murder mystery that police officers, having better technology and tools, had given up on a long time ago.
If I were in Blomkvist’s position what would have sold me was the the sum Vanger was willing to pay and the information he was willing to give about Wennerstrom that could revive his journalism career.
What strikes me as extremely odd (and this goes back to my previous question about whether I thought Harriet was really dead or not) is the thought that the mysterious “flower-sender” is in fact Harriet and thus she is still alive. Harriet really wanted to speak with Vanger right before the accident happened. He told her he couldn’t speak. She was seen walking away from the mansion and was never seen again. Vanger now receives a cased flower every year for his birthday, a tradition started between him and Harriet. It seems to me that Harriet is sending the flowers and Vanger is just not understanding that she is trying to tell him that she is still alive.
… My last, somewhat crazy suspicion. This Harriet girl is in fact Lisbeth.




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