Second Post on The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo: Do you agree with Vanger’s theory that his neice, Harriot, is definitely dead despite all other possibilities?

26 04 2011

After receiving the ominous phone call from the lawyer, Frode, Blomkvist traveled to Hedeby Island to figure out why Vanger so eagerly wanted specifically Blomkvist. It was more his interest rather than desire or necessity for money that made him want to further investigate the situation.
Vanger first proposed that Blomkvist write Vanger an autobiography. Blomkvist had little interest in doing so until Vanger told him why. He wanted Blomkvist to use the process of writing this autobiography to figure out who murdered his niece at the age of sixteen. Suddenly Blomkvist was interested.
Vanger described the day she was murdered: there had been a serious traffic accident across the bridge on Hedeby Island denying all access to and from the island. In all the commotion Harriot went missing. She was last seen walking away from the house. There has been no sign of her since.
In my opinion, there are many more possibilities than murder for why Harriot went missing. Vanger has considered (but dismissed) them as well. She could have gotten lost (but then scoured the small island and still, no sign). An accident could have happened or she could have tried to commit suicide. I think, despite Vanger rejection to the possibility, that she may have found a way off this Island. I think back to the first part of the book, whose significance is still unclear. An 82-year-old man (who I am now expecting to be Vanger) receives a flower every year for his birthday for the past 30 or so years. No one knows who is giving him these flowers. I am thinking, could it be Harriot?




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