First Post for The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo: Is Lisbeth Salander’s attitude beneficial for to her career?

26 04 2011

Armansky, Lisbeth boss, clearly wishes Lisbeth had a different style, attitude, and just general aura. He thinks that it disrupts “Milton’s image of conservative stability.” Despite her being somewhat of a “buffalo at a boat show” I think her confident, dark, and cold demeanor is what makes her such a successful investigator. She comes off as somewhat emotionless; she sticks the the facts and only the facts. Her reports are “dry” but the information is some that would normally provoke some sort of emotion.
The scene in which Salander gets her job as an investigator supports my argument.
Lisbeth started off working at Milton security as something less than a secretary. She printed documents and gave them to their respective owners. Although she did a fine job and showed up when she was supposed to, her attitude turned off and intimidated a lot of other employees. Armansky was persuaded to fire her. While firing her she interrupted him: “you know, if you want an office serf you can get one from the temp agency. I can handle anything and anyone you want, if you don’t have better use for me than sorting post, then you’re an idiot.” Lisbeth continued by pointing out all the blatant errors that when on around agency. Armansky was about to fire Lisbeth because of her attitude, the same attitude that kept her her job.




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