Second Blog Assignment:

9 01 2011

1. Person A steps onto bus.
2. He/she looks around and sees person B.
3. Person B smiles (at person A? not at person A?)
4. Person A trips and falls to the floor
5. Person A looks at person B and says, “…”

I looked at Cambelle. I thought about taking in a deep breath. Alicia, my yoga teacher once told me that breathing deeply is how we get through the tough parts of life. I don’t find that. Breathing breaks my concentration, my cold, hard concentration. Breathing is like the acceptance of all that bad shit going on around you. If I hold me breath, it has to pass. So I continued to hold my breath and stare at Cambelle. He just looked so sad. It broke me. I looked down and saw a wet drop fall to the ground. It was time to go.
“So. Uh. Yeah I better get going.”
“Yeah. You don’t want all those people waiting on us.” He chuckled and seemed almost out of breath when he said this.
The bus driver was staring at us.
“Well. See you around”
“Just across the pond.” His voice cracked and his eyes closed over.
I couldn’t handle it. I couldn’t watch him cry over me. One sweet and quick kiss. As I got onto the bus i turned around to see Cambelle. He was surprised. Bye Cambelle.. I smiled.
There was an empty seat in the back of the bus. So perfect for this sort of cliche goodbye. Why was I falling? Into this trap of stupid romance that I thought I had planned to avoid. I was never going to sit in the back on the bus and watch the person I loved get smaller and smaller and then disappear. I promised I would never be that girl. I swore. But now there I was watching me become her. As the engine rumbled beneath me I couldn’t help but look at Cambelle one last time. He was running. He was running the wrong direction. If he wanted to catch us he had to turn around. we were back at the station, back in his small apartment watching horror movies. Doing cartwheels on the city street of London. I was in the bus.
He fell. Right on the street he fell and I could tell by the movement of his lips that he was screaming “i love you.”




One response

10 01 2011
Mister Fischer

I’m not sure I fully get this story yet, but I like what you’re working with here. It’s a moment, a moment when the narrator must make a decision. The yoga stuff at the beginning throws me. Were they in class together and now are riding the bus home together? Seems like he’s (potentially) leaving her in a way that she can’t get him back, but I’m not sure. If you keep working on this one, see if you can clarify the situation a bit–without feeling like you have to be too overly-direct.

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