Annotated Bibliography for Database Sources (for my use)

5 12 2010

Berger, Abi. “Body Horror: Photojournalism, Catastrophe and War (Review) .”
BMJ: British Medical Journal 317.7155 (1998): 421. JSTOR. Web. 22 Nov.
2010. . This source was what I
used to give some insight into how powerful a picture can really be or how
much it can really change someone. The article discussed the pros and cons
of powerful images and weak images; while both provide information, the
powerful image has impact. Does that impact wear off after a while to be
dull like the weak image? People have different opinions.
It was a helpful source to learn about the public’s reaction to powerful
images meant to challenge your belief system which is basically what
photophilanthropy is about and strives to achieve.

Horovitz, Bruce, and And others. “Photos Bring Our Agony into Focus.” USA Today
9 May 2004: n. pag. SIRS Knowledge Source. Web. 22 Nov. 2010.
. This article was really informative on
why photos are so powerful.. A question that I have been subconsciously
looking for throughout all my research on photojournalism. It informed me
of how people, when they look at a photo, put themselves or a loved one in
it instinctually to almost “test” what would happen. It also
provided some specific examples and information on situations in which
people were completely mentally uprooted by a photograph even though the
textual evidence was released weeks before. This source also provided
excellent quotes that I included many of in my blog post.

“The Media Should Publish Graphic Photographs of the War in Iraq.” Media Ethics. Ed. Julia Bauder. Detroit: Greenhaven Press, 2009. Current Controversies. Gale Opposing Viewpoints In Context. Web. 5 Dec. 2010. This source helped me understand all the struggles that war photographers face. It also made me realized how corrupt media and government are when it comes to revealing information about war. With this information, I solidified my belief that the media should have no censorship. The public deserves to know.




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