So You Give The Photograph… Now What?

19 11 2010

All over the world there are thousands of nonprofits who don’t have any access to good photography. “Good” is kind of a vague word. Let me rephrase that–most non-profits around the world have no access to photography that (as I talked about in one of my recent posts) create relationships with the viewer. Photography that non-profits want is the type of photography that challenge what people think they understand. With this mental challenge created by a non-profits, people strive to learn more and then possibly help more.
So many non-profits have incredible stories to tell to people who are completely naive of their existence. What I am trying to say is that most people don’t know of the majority of the problems that exist in the world today. These troubles can range from human services, to environment, to health, to arts and culture, ect. Powerful photography can teach people of these problems and it can inspire them to help with them.
According to phototphilanthropy, who links the photographer and the non-profit together, photography has the power to:
” * attract and motivate partners, collaborators, volunteers and staff
* inspire donors and grant-makers
* drive a social movement or incite public policy changes”

Now feel the power of photography first hand…

Does this make you want to learn more about the Acid Survivors Foundation Pakistan?




One response

20 11 2010
Mister Fischer

This is (as you know) a very powerful image. The question is, how can these images capture the world’s attention? We see so many images each day; I wonder what the power of a single image is now. Advertisers flash images by us all the time; how cool would it be if other organizations–ones with a purpose other than to sell stuff–could gain access to these same channels.

This also makes me think about how FEW images there are at BHS–no pictures on the walls, lots of pretty empty display cases, many bland bulletin boards. It might be interesting to think about how to bring images to this space. Think how powerful that might be since there are so few other competing images on these walls.

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