Research Change: Photophilanthropy

30 10 2010

My new subject for my research project is photophilanthropy. I don’t have a concrete question about it yet because honestly I don’t know enough about it. The reason why I am interested is because I attended a presentation about photophilanthropy and one of my best friend’s moms is the co-founder of it. I am surprised at myself that I haven’t yet blogged about it.
When I went to the “about” page of the photophilanthropy website I found the following sentences:
“Our Mission is to promote and connect photographers with non-profit organizations around the world to tell the stories that drive action for social change.”
From this I gather that photophilanthropy is the link between an average photographer and that photographer using his or her photos to better the world by photographing for a non-profit charity organization.

“The PhotoPhilanthropy community is a place for photographers and non-profit organizations to come together”
Once again, photophilanthropy is this vital tie that gives people the opportunity to use their photography to better the world.

“Change the world with your camera.”
They are inspiring people to take pictures with a purpose.




4 responses

31 10 2010
Mister Fischer

I think this will be a great focus. It’s exactly what you’ve been thinking about: how can photographers bring attention to parts of the world that need attention. Sounds like connecting with this foundation is a great first start; you’ll be able to use them for the research-interview portion of the project.

4 11 2010

I think you chose a very interesting topic! It’s not something i’ve heard much of before so I’m looking forward to reading and learning more of your more recent findings regarding photophilanthropy 🙂

5 11 2010

Wow, the photos in your video are amazing!

16 11 2010

What a beautiful video! I’m beginning to think that photography is a civil duty.

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