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30 10 2010

After exploring the website a little more I am coming to a better understanding of what this website is all about. Photophilanthropy believes that there are a ton of really great non-profit organizations in the world without access to any photography of what they are actually doing. I have blogged about why photos are so important before: most people don’t have time to read a lengthy story of all the different charities around the world so if they are not given a simpler and easier method of understanding they simply don’t try. A big photo on the home page of a website or on the cover of a magazine will either explain the story with few words or it will catch someone’s attention enough to want to learn more and read the rest of the article. Anyway, the reason why so many non-profit organizations aren’t nearly as successful as they could be is because they don’t have this key photography. Photophilanthropy makes these photos available to non-profits by inspiring people to capture with a purpose.




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31 10 2010
Mister Fischer

Again, yes. Perfect for your interests. This is how non-profits get discovered: by getting the word out by getting their pictures (and videos) out. Is there a photo-equivalent to YouTube where people can get their photos noticed and start interest and movements?

1 11 2010
Nancy Farese

Hi Lydia – How happy I was to see this post through Google Alert! I am glad that you are interested in what we are doing; we just are voting on our winners this weekend, and are very happy with the amazing stories that we are seeing of work done around the world. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you become a PhotoPhilanthropist.
I hope you are well! I know that Gracie misses you at Thacher.
All the best –

5 11 2010

This is so true, i like reading and everything, but i find magazines a lot more relaxing because looking at pictures is a very different experience than reading.

8 11 2010

That’s it. Pictures catch our attention immediately. Sometimes it’s a headline, but usually it’s the picture that makes us do the double take on the newspaper rack and possibly buy a copy.

Very interesting subject!

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