The Story of Animals

4 10 2010

While I am still a mere teen, struggling for an identity and path in life, I have thought about possible careers. I haven’t really put my finger on a specific one, but I have decided that it would be quite spectacular to work with animals. This career could ideally turn into a national geographic animal/nature photographer. It is understood that this is quite a large dream, but at least I have my basis: animals.
When I look at the above photographs taken by various national geographic photojournalist, I think: what story are these photos telling? In my first blog I tried to define the seemingly endless noun of photojournalism. I emphasized the importance of the “story” that photojournalists tell with their photojournalism. These stories, while superficially look like a portrait of various animals, really aren’t; they are stories. Animals are spontaneous, simple, and pure creatures. They settle into the rhythm of nature and the universe that many humans spend their whole lives searching for. Animals find it so easily and this has always been something that has baffled me. I strive to be one with nature constantly but animals do it so naturally. How can we humans be so smart and yet so out of synch with everything else? I am rambling, but basically I just told you, readers, while animals interest me so much. My ramble also gave me my answer to the question of why does a “portrait” of an animal constitute as photojournalism and thus tell a story. Animals don’t pose, nature’s rhythm doesn’t give them time to. Each of their actions are actions of life. We photograph pure and unpolluted life (a very scarce resource these days) when we photograph animals. It tells us the story of life and nature that we can’t seem to wrap our minds around.
Every photo of an animal teaches us something about the simplicity of life.




2 responses

4 10 2010

This is beautiful. I’ve never thought of animal photography like that. But it’s completely true. Those photographers capture the lives and pure spirits of those animals. It shows us those animal worlds that we so often ignore, shows us the beauty of nature. Animal photography must ultimately encourage people to live more environmentally friendly lives. Great post.

4 10 2010

I really love the pictures that went along with this blod, they are beautiful!! I also like that you are showing a completely different side of photojournalism that i never considered. This is because you began your blog by talking a lot about controversial and upsetting photos, however the animal photos seem to be more peacefull and simple. It goes to show the wide range of ideas and subjects photojournalism can cover, it’s really and amazing topic!

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