Photojournalists Stanely Forman Captures a Woman’s Last Moments

30 09 2010

On July 22, 1975 Stanely Forman, a photographer for the Boston Herald was called in to photograph a fire in one Boston, Massachusetts’ older sections of the city. He followed the loud and colorful fire engines to the scene, bolted out of the car, and ran to the back of the building where the fire was raging. When he looked up he saw a young woman and a child on a fire escape. They were leaning out as far as possible to evade the heat. Bob O’neil, one of the firefighters on the scene was reaching out his hands indicating to the woman that he wanted her to hand him the child. Just before O’neil could grab the child, the fire escape fell through. The woman and child fell with it.
Forman had his hand on the shutter button of his camera, ready to take a picture. But the picture he was ready to take was one of rescue. Instead, he caught the child and woman falling. The woman was falling into her death while the child would miraculously survive. Forman continued photographing all throughout their fall, mystified by how these photos would turn out.
Forman “didn’t realise how dramatic it was until [he] had developed the film.” Forman had captured a moment that most never see in their lives. The average person will never see the face of a person knowingly falling to his or her death. But Forman froze this moment in time. He froze it and the Boston Herald printed it for everyone to see. The picture became world famous after that. It revealed to people all around the world what true eyes of terror look like, what true knowledge of destiny looks like. This is the type of power photojournalism has. Stanley Forman




One response

30 09 2010

That photo is sickening. I don’t know whether I hate or admire the fact that someone’s last seconds alive were documented. If I were a witness of this woman’s death, I’d be scarred for life, and try desperately to get that image out of my head. The fact that it was published is almost disgusting. Yet, it’s almost beautiful.

I’m very confused. Kudos for writing a fantastic blog entry.

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