Post 6: How has Lisbeth and Blomkvist’s relationship evolved since he first discovered that she hacked his computer?

9 05 2011

Lisbeth and Blomkvist meet because of his research on Harriet Vanger’s murder. She is hacking his computer and finds his private documents on some of the research he is doing. Lisbeth, being a much more apt researcher, quickly solves the mystery of the names and corresponding numbers (she figures out that the numbers are bible passages) and sends them to Blomkvist. Salander sent the information on an easily traced email address. It was almost as if she wanted to team up and work with Blomkvist.
Their relationship starts out like any relationship that I have so far observed Lisbeth having with anyone: quiet, cold, uncomfortable. Blomkvist is clearly trying to figure Salander out, he knows nothing about her but they are working in such close proximately. At this point she is now living with him on Hedeby. Salander, on the other hand, knows everything about Blomkvist. She had done her research, his background check, she knows his dark secrets.
They soon begin having sexual relations. Lisbeth is very blunt about it and has no emotions regarding it while it seems like Blomkvist is almost falling in love. Salander clearly likes Blomkvist or she wouldn’t be living with him but even for me, the reader, it is difficult to figure out what Salander is thinking,


Post 5: What is the significance of Harriet’s bible passages that she marked in her diary?

9 05 2011

When doing his research on Harriet, Blomkvist finds five interesting numbers and corresponding names in the dairy. The numbers turn out to be sections of the bible, all regarding reasons and methods why a woman should die. After some research done by Salander and Blomkvist, the discover that the names are in fact names of woman who have been murdered. Blomkvist and Salander go to the murder sites, talk to family or friends and soon discovered that these woman were murdered the exact same way as depicted in the bible. Harriet was on to something.
It is still somewhat of a mystery to why Harriet had or merely cared about such gruesome murders until Blomkvist and Salander connect the dots. When going over the history of his family lineage, Henrik spoke of his three brothers. All three of which were Nazis. Only one was still alive during the time that Harriet died: Harald, the exclusive, bitter man who is seemingly not on speaking terms with anybody, especially Henrik, in his family. Then Salander and Blomkvist look at the names of all five woman: all of them were Jewish names. The murders were racist murders, Harriet was smart enough to figure this out, and Herald didn’t like it.

Post 4: Why is Lisbeth unable to report rape by her legal guardian, Nils Burman? What is she worried will most likely happen?

9 05 2011

Burman is a disgusting pig. He is appointed as Salander’s new guardian because he old one, whom she got along with very well, had a stroke. Although Salander is 24, the legal guardian is finacially and legally in responsible for her. Salander’s old guardian let her do as she wanted: he didn’t monitor or control or banking, he didn’t in fact try to control aspect of her life. He was simply there to what appeared to be moral support. Salander liked this.
Burman starts off their first conversation saying that he will give her 1,400 kronor monthly and that she will have to explain and ask if she needs more than that. My first impression was that he was just simply rude and mean and just wanted to “play by the legal rules.”
Then he begins asking her inappropriate questions like, “how many men have you slept with?” or “what your favorite position.” Salander gets up and leaves. I had hoped she had gone to the police. The second time she meets Burman is when she needs money for a new computer. In this disturbing scene she is forced to perform a sexual act on Burman who says that it is necessary for him to “trust” her. Salander doesn’t go to the police because she already knows what would happen to her: no one would believe her. In the eyes of the government she is psychologically insane. Burman would report that she needs more help than simply a legal guardian and she would be quickly sent to a hospital where she would most likely live.

Third Post on The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo: Is Blomkvist decision to embark on the year job of finding Harriet’s murderer a good idea?

3 05 2011

My thought kind of parallels that of Blomkvist’s. Vanger’s vague and ominous request to see Blomkvist was somewhat creepy. He had almost scripted the story. He built it up so that with every word Blomkvist became more and more hooked. As a reader, the same thing happened to me. Blomkvist pointed out a very logical point that I hadn’t thought about: Vanger was basically asking him to uncover a 40 year old murder mystery that police officers, having better technology and tools, had given up on a long time ago.
If I were in Blomkvist’s position what would have sold me was the the sum Vanger was willing to pay and the information he was willing to give about Wennerstrom that could revive his journalism career.
What strikes me as extremely odd (and this goes back to my previous question about whether I thought Harriet was really dead or not) is the thought that the mysterious “flower-sender” is in fact Harriet and thus she is still alive. Harriet really wanted to speak with Vanger right before the accident happened. He told her he couldn’t speak. She was seen walking away from the mansion and was never seen again. Vanger now receives a cased flower every year for his birthday, a tradition started between him and Harriet. It seems to me that Harriet is sending the flowers and Vanger is just not understanding that she is trying to tell him that she is still alive.
… My last, somewhat crazy suspicion. This Harriet girl is in fact Lisbeth.

Second Post on The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo: Do you agree with Vanger’s theory that his neice, Harriot, is definitely dead despite all other possibilities?

26 04 2011

After receiving the ominous phone call from the lawyer, Frode, Blomkvist traveled to Hedeby Island to figure out why Vanger so eagerly wanted specifically Blomkvist. It was more his interest rather than desire or necessity for money that made him want to further investigate the situation.
Vanger first proposed that Blomkvist write Vanger an autobiography. Blomkvist had little interest in doing so until Vanger told him why. He wanted Blomkvist to use the process of writing this autobiography to figure out who murdered his niece at the age of sixteen. Suddenly Blomkvist was interested.
Vanger described the day she was murdered: there had been a serious traffic accident across the bridge on Hedeby Island denying all access to and from the island. In all the commotion Harriot went missing. She was last seen walking away from the house. There has been no sign of her since.
In my opinion, there are many more possibilities than murder for why Harriot went missing. Vanger has considered (but dismissed) them as well. She could have gotten lost (but then scoured the small island and still, no sign). An accident could have happened or she could have tried to commit suicide. I think, despite Vanger rejection to the possibility, that she may have found a way off this Island. I think back to the first part of the book, whose significance is still unclear. An 82-year-old man (who I am now expecting to be Vanger) receives a flower every year for his birthday for the past 30 or so years. No one knows who is giving him these flowers. I am thinking, could it be Harriot?

First Post for The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo: Is Lisbeth Salander’s attitude beneficial for to her career?

26 04 2011

Armansky, Lisbeth boss, clearly wishes Lisbeth had a different style, attitude, and just general aura. He thinks that it disrupts “Milton’s image of conservative stability.” Despite her being somewhat of a “buffalo at a boat show” I think her confident, dark, and cold demeanor is what makes her such a successful investigator. She comes off as somewhat emotionless; she sticks the the facts and only the facts. Her reports are “dry” but the information is some that would normally provoke some sort of emotion.
The scene in which Salander gets her job as an investigator supports my argument.
Lisbeth started off working at Milton security as something less than a secretary. She printed documents and gave them to their respective owners. Although she did a fine job and showed up when she was supposed to, her attitude turned off and intimidated a lot of other employees. Armansky was persuaded to fire her. While firing her she interrupted him: “you know, if you want an office serf you can get one from the temp agency. I can handle anything and anyone you want, if you don’t have better use for me than sorting post, then you’re an idiot.” Lisbeth continued by pointing out all the blatant errors that when on around agency. Armansky was about to fire Lisbeth because of her attitude, the same attitude that kept her her job.

Mid-term Story

17 01 2011

I was taking a semester abroad in London with my friends. When we arrived it was raining. Thick drops pounded the ground. Inside our cab it wa damp but Belle’s heat radiated next to me. The driver asked us where we wanted to go and we told him that we wanted to go to Parker Street. We knew there were available apartments there. The first one we looked at was the one we decided to live in. It wasn’t clean or nice-looking. I don’t even think I would casify it as sanitary, but it was dry. The landowner was a woman named Eve. She stayed below us. In the evenings Marie would lean out the window and smoke her cigarettes and she would see a blue light illuminating the air outside of Eve’s window below. We concluded that it was a tanning machine. Eve had a unatural orange tan that looked like you could peel it off.
One evening I came home from school and found Eve talking on the phone in our kitchen. She had disapeared for a month or a month now. We knew she was gone when we didn’t see the blue light two nights in a row. I paused to listened. “What did you do with the bodies?” asked Eve to the person on the phone. When I took a step forward she whipped her head around and stared at me for a moment, her jaw just kind of hung as if weighted down. She then turned back around and quickly said goodbye to whoever she was talking to. “Sorry,” she grumbled as she looked down at my feet, “I. Uh. My tele was out downstairs. Hope you don’t mind.” Then she left.
I told Belle and Marie. They laughed and said that “she should hide that body in her tanning machine!” they would cackle like hiyennas at this, thinking they were so clever. But soon it was time for all of us to leave for Christmas vacation. While I was only studying business in England for a semester, Belle and Marie would stay the whole year.
A week after Christmas I got a call from Marie and Belle. When they had returned they found that all of their things had been stolen. They were livid and kept saying that Eve needs to have better building security.
About a year later I sat in my Boston apartment watching America’s Most Wanted with my boyfriend. A story came on about a murder and robbery in California that had happened a little over a year earlier. John Walsh’s voice trailed in at out of my attention. They kept describing the woman as “very tan,” probably saying it maybe three or four times. Finally at the end of the story they showed a sketching of the “most wanted person.” I swear to God that it was Eve.